A System on the Brink!

Humanity is recovering from the greatest disaster in history. Two hundred years ago, an immensely powerful AI destroyed the earth and scattered humanity across the solar system. From Mercury to the very edge of known space, humanity has clawed its way back to its earth-bound heights, and beyond.

Thrust into new worlds and living in habitats created by forces unknown, the remnants of civilization have just begun to interact. Nation-states jockey for political power while pirate lords nibble at the edges of society. Traders bridge the void between worlds, bringing food and materials to the needy…or drugs and weapons to the desperate. Some are rich, some are dashing, and some are damn near celebrities in their own right.

And then there’s you and your mates, working for Class D Freight.

Important Information

This campaign will crib from a variety of FATE-based systems, primarily Bulldogs! and the Dresden Files RPG.

This wiki is primarily for reference purposes. The game itself will be play-by-post over on the Something Awful forums. Our IRC channel, for OOC chat and worldbuilding, will be #redhandofdoom on irc.synirc.org

Rumors, Bargains, and Lies

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