Hannah Harper


Name – Hannah Harper
High Concept – Grease Monkey
Trouble – Like I Give A Fuck
Aspects – Horizon is a Shit-Hole, C’mon Baby Hold Together, Not as Dumb as I Look, Issues With Authority

+4: Engineering Alertness
+3: Guns Deceit
+2: Academics Fists Trading
+1: Endurance Systems Contacting Athletics Resolve

Grease Monkey: If it’s a vehicle of any sort, you “get” it, intuitively and
completely. When making an Engineering roll involving a vehicle—repairing,
building, upgrading, etc.—you gain a 1 on your roll; additionally, the time to
get the work done is reduced by one step on the time table (page 65, Doing Things
Reroute the Systems: You’re an expert at damage control. When your ship’s been
damaged and suffered a consequence, you may make an Engineering roll against a
target of Mediocre (
0) for a mild consequence, Fair (2) for a moderate, or
Great (
4) for a severe consequence. If successful, you may deny the free tag
against the consequence. The consequence must be compelled at the cost a fate
Mister Fix-it: You have a talent for getting things repaired under time-critical
circumstances. Te time it takes for you to fx something is reduced by two steps.
If the situation is already operating on the fastest possible amount of time,
the difficulty of the repair efort is reduced by one. These bonuses stack with Grease Monkey.
Shot on the Run: You’re light on your feet with a gun in your hand, able to keep
the gunplay going while evading attempts to harm you. You may use Guns as a
defense skill against physical attacks; normally, Guns can’t be used defensively.
Been There, Done That: Your research has taken you all over the galaxy and
there aren’t many places you know nothing about. Gain a +2 on any Academics roll
to know about the local culture of any planet in the galaxy.


Defective Combat Screen (Armor 2, Aspect: “It WAS on!”)
Sliver Gun (Heavy Ballistic Pistol Base, Accurate, Specialized: Armor-piercing, Concealable, Autofire)
- Damage: 4 Accuracy: 1, Range:2
Shape-Memory Tool (Craftsmanship: Engineering, Miniaturization, Independent: Athletics, Alternate Use: Burglary, Rugged)
Wiki-pad (Craftsmanship: Academics)


Where did you come from?
Hannah grew up on Horizon, the third-largest station in the Terran Belt and probably the roughest and lawless of the major stations in the Terran Belt. Her parents were members of Foreground Security, and they taught her how to survive on the dangerous station. Her own skills ran more towards mechanical than security, however, as she proved to be able to fix almost anything she put her hands on.
Aspect: Horizon is a Shit-Hole
Invoke to: Be at ease in dangerous settings, blend in with a rough crowd
Compel to: Make it harder in high class surroundings

What shaped you?
Hannah left Horizon to work as an engineer on the You Must Be Kidding, a ramshackle but partially spaceworthy trading vessel. She managed to keep it running for three years through a combination of duct tape, WD-40, swearing, and the occasional bit of violence. When it finally came apart, she blamed the fact that the idiot captain had ignored her requests for a new hydrocoil for 6 months and then tried to boost at 120% of max acceleration.
Aspect: C’mon Baby Hold Together
Invoke to: Make repairs and modifications
Compel to: Be defensive of her ship and gear

What was your first adventure?
After her first ship fell apart, Hannah joined up with Dmitri to operate their own ship, making trading runs between the Old Belt and the Jovians. Hannah had to step up and handle the trading, since Dmitri was clearly unsuited for it. Despite her lack of background in it, she soon learned the tricks and even came to enjoy putting one over on those she traded with, who assumed that a scruffy nerfherder mechanic couldn’t know much about commerce. Of course, it all went bad when Dmitri was killed and the ship nearly destroyed when it ran into a stray meteor. Hannah managed to keep the life support running long enough to get rescued, but it was a close call.
Aspect: Not as Dumb as I Look
Invoke to: Be underestimated, know stuff
Compel to: Be ignored or passed over

Guest Star / 2nd Adventure (with Des/RPZip)
After having two ships in a row destroyed out from under her, Hannah found a place on a large station out around Uranus. She worked there for a year, but increasingly grew unsatisfied with the tight restrictions on station and the constant surroundings. She met another stationer named Des, a gambler and malcontent, and the two became friends and drinking buddies. Hannah was eventually talked into “investing” with Des to allow the other woman to join the Outs Poker Series, the largest poker tournament in the Outer Systems. Unfortunately, Des’s luck and skill led to her being recognized and taken prisoner by a bounty hunter from the Inner Systems. Hannah busted Des out and the two were forced to shoot their way out of the casino, pursued by the bounty hunter and casino security. The two enlisted with Class D freight and left the station just minutes ahead of their pursuers.
Aspect: Issues With Authority
Invoke to: Work against the Man
Compel to: Chafe under restrictions, mouth off to t

Hannah Harper

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