Lyla Vanguard


Name: Lyla Vanguard
High Concept: Hacker, Navigator, and Ship’s Mom
Trouble: On the Run
Aspects: “Forget the Past”, SpaceNet Addict, “Have you seen this man?”, Fragile Bonds
Refresh: 3/7

Skills: 25 cap of +4 (great)

+4:2 Systems, Guns
+3:2 Deceit, Investigation
+2:3 Academics, Rapport, Athletics
+1:5 Endurance, Resolve, Alertness, Stealth, Empathy

Resources: 1

Honest Lie (Deceit 2 if you tell a partial truth.)
Both Eyes Open (
1 to guns when placing an aiming manuever, 2 w/ a scope)
Black Hat (
2 systems when inflicting stress on another system)
Master Jammer (+2 systems to break a target lock)

Stress tracks
Phys: ()()()()
Social: ()()()()
Mental: ()()()

(Roll / +1 = 2) Heavy Blast Rifle Dmg 3, Acc 1, Range 3 (Longarm)
(Roll /+ 1 = 4) Sneaky Hardened Armor- Armor 3, Camoflage (stealth2)
(Roll +/// +1 = 2) SpaceNet Visor- Use systems instead of academics for
anything searchable online.


Lyla doesn’t talk much about her early life. If you get her drunk she’ll tell you stories about her husband Wesley, and their three kids, but you won’t be able to pry their names out of her. They’ve all grown up and moved on. In fact, she won’t say more than two words about anything that happened to her before working at Class D Freight, and asking just puts her in a bad mood.

Aspect: “Forget the past.”
Invoke- Refusing to answer questions, giving vague/false contradictory answers, looking to the future
Compel- When refusing to talk annoys other people, when it would be more convenient to come clean

At some point Lyla’s husband of 20 years, Wesley Vanguard, disappeared in the Earth Belt on a small passenger ship called the (NameNotFinal). He never came back. Lyla has been searching for him ever since, taking any job that will put her close enough to study the Belts. She’s had no success locating Wesley’s ship so far, but she’s mapped large sections of the debris field and found more than one derelict ship. The salvage from those finds kept her fed and clothed until she signed up with Class D Freight.

One of the benefits of the modern age is the speed of news travel. Lyla spends much of her time simply browsing the SpaceNet, looking for clues or news or conspiracies, anything that might bring her closer to finding the wreck. If it is a wreck.

Aspect: SpaceNet Addict
Invoke- information hunting, knowing the latest news, always hip to the latest meme
Compel- forgets reality sometimes, talks in N3Tsp34k occasionally, thinks spacelolcats are funny

One of her best leads took Lyla to a bar called the “Tin Cantina”, a wretched hive of scum and villainy on Io. Things got dicey as she asked questions, and some of the miners weren’t in the mood to give any answers. It was the first time Lyla had been in real trouble since setting out in search of Wesley.

Aspect: “Have you seen this man?”
Invoke- assist with any investigations that might lead to Wesley or his ship
Compel- Whatever Wesley was up to might not have been strictly legal, and the people involved might not be very friendly.

Aspect: Fragile Bonds
Invoke- help out or care for Nina, strengthening existing friendships
Compel- Stepmommy issues with Nina, difficulty making new friends

Lyla Vanguard

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