Nina Sixseven


Name: Nina “Six-Seven”
High Concept: Escaped Psychic Assassin
Trouble: No personal bubble
Aspects: I don’t exist, Undying Optimism, A Whole New World, Lyla’s not my real mom!
Refresh: 1/7

Skills: 25 cap of +4 (great)

+4:2 Psychic, Weapons
+3:2 Resolve, Athletics
+2:3 Guns, Endurance, Stealth
+1:5 Alertness, Burglary, Intimidation, Investigation, Systems

Just Not There: +2 to Psychic when using it to conceal objects from my target’s gaze.
Your Mind is an Open Book: Use Psychic instead of Empathy to Assess someone.
-(Probably resisted by Resolve instead of Rapport too.)
Inner Strength: +2 (or +3 with full defense) to Resolve when resisting someone getting inside my head.
Lightfoot: +2 to Stealth when crossing weight-based sensors. -2 to other’s Investigation/Survival to track her down.
Strike to the Heart: [i]Spend a Fate Point[/i] to add +3 damage to a Weapons attack.
Short Circuit: +2 to damage on a Weapons attack mitigated by Shields.

Stress tracks:
( )( )( )( )( )( )

Equipment: Resources 1
Weapons: 1: Vibrosword; D:4, A:-1, R:0. Alternative, D: 2 (3 vs Shield, 0 vs Armor), A:0
Guns: -1 A rock
Armor: 1 Stealth Screen; Shield: 0, Stealth Field.
Personal Gear: 3 Ninja Anti-Grav Boots; +1 to Stealth,
+2 to Athletics (cross Borders), Aspect: Leaf on the Wind.


High Concept: (Escaped Psychic Assassin)
Invoke: Have (subtle) Psychic abilities. Be badass with a weapon.
Compel: Be noticed and hunted down by powerful authorities who want her back.

Trouble: (No Personal Bubble)
Invoke: Invade the private thoughts of another. Cheer someone up with a hug.
Compel: Have absolutely no sense of personal space, for herself or anyone else. Be overly affectionate to someone who doesn’t want a hug.

Heritage: (I Don’t Exist)
Her assigned numbers since insemination were 107-114-121. The scientists affectionately called her “Six-Seven”, since her three numbers contained multiples of seven, once the first digit was removed. Six-Seven is not a citizen to any nation, planet or moon. By all accounts, she simply does not exist anywhere.

Invoke: Quietly sneak by unnoticed. Enjoy having no digital/legal footprint.
Compel: Do exist to anyone who knows about the facility. Have to deal with the lack of a digital/legal footprint.

Background: (Undying Optimism)
It’s difficult to properly mature in a facility where your purpose in life is to become a weapon for the sake of others. Without a proper childhood, she lacks proper maturity, and often performs all of her actions with cheerful innocent glee, such as going for a jog, sneaking up behind someone to give them a surprise hug, or practicing how to kill.

Invoke: Resist influences to change her emotion.
Compel: Act cheerful when a normal person wouldn’t. Play (hopefully) harmless pranks on someone else. Be oblivious to the difficulties of the “real world.”

Berth / 1st Adventure (A Whole New World)
Of course, living in the facility wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies (although her room was frequently decorated with such), and more than anything else, she wanted to get out. Although she wasn’t necessarily abused, very few of the researchers cared for her, only her power. And even then they forced her to use it and yet still fail their impossible requests. As of such they locked her away until her powers developed.
That is, until one morning they couldn’t find her. Although she never quite developed psychokinesis like the researchers wanted, she had been carefully listening in to conversations, and eventually learned when the supply ships came and left. The night before, she knocked out and killed her military escort, slipped into one of the uniforms, and left on the cargo ship. While sitting in the cargo bay, she stumbled upon a set of space-maps. She couldn’t read or understand them, but she was determined to explore everyone on those maps. She was free, and she had a whole new world to go out and explore.

Invoke: Get past obstacles on the way to unexplored areas. Break free from restraints or grapples.
Compel: Act on impulse and run ahead. Don’t allow herself to be held back by allies.

Guest Star / 2nd Adventure (Lyla’s Not my Real Mom!)
Lyla crouched on top of a building and peered down the scope of her rifle. She could see two men standing near the back door of the target building talking. “Come on, finish your damn smoke break and go away.” Lyla muttered. She’d gotten a tip from a very old contact that her husband Wesley had a storage unit here, and she wanted whatever was in it. It would be one step closer to finding out why he’d headed into the heart of the Terran Belt and vanished on her.

The men finally left and Lyla smiled and moved up. It didn’t take long to reroute the security system and soon the cameras were all happily watching the walls. She found the storage unit without issue, and started hacking the lock.

Nina had been hiding nearby with her stealth field active, waiting for the same guards to step away as well. She was just about to tamper with the lock herself when Lyla stepped forward and began to do the work for her. Once the storage unit was finally unlocked, Nina’s vibrosword clicked and began humming right next to Lyla’s neck. “Step aside. Daddy’s stuff is in there, and I don’t mind killing you to get it.”

Daddy? Lyla didn’t even have time to process that one as the door to the storage unit swung silently open to reveal an empty room. Red light flooded the building paired with a nearly deafening alarm. “I don’t know who you are, kid, but I think we both took the bait on this one. Get that blade off my neck and let’s get the hell out of here. We can discuss it then, hmm?”

Part of her wanted to just kill the woman right now, but she had more information? Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all. Nina moved her sword back and turned it off, looking around. Rushed footsteps from outside meant the two guards were coming back…and more with them. This game got more interesting. “Up on the roof, they won’t see us there.” With a few carefully placed jumps, Nina was already far ahead, but she stopped and smirked at the older woman. “Hurry up, or you’ll be dead!” She hollered down, but extended an arm to help.

I’m getting too old for this, Lyla thought as she took the young woman’s hand and pulled herself up. But with age comes experience. “Wait.” Lyla held her new friend back as they approached the ventilation shaft that led up to the roof. She pulled a water spritzer out of her back pocket and spritzed the air in the shaft. Thin red beams of light crisscrossed the inside. “More alarms. Give me a second.” Lyla quickly picked out the box powering the alarm system. It was high on the wall above them. Too far for her to reach and shooting it would only alert the guards anyway. “Can you do something about that?” She asked, pointing at the box.

Nina smiled, jumped up, and looked down while dangling from one arm.. “Now what? Break it? Press all the buttons?”
Lyla stares for just second. “Red wire on the left side, pull it out.”
Humming lightly, Nina reached over and forcibly yanked out the wire, then dropped down and looked down the shaft. “Is it safe now?”
Lyla checks the vent again. “All clear. Let’s go.”

About thirty minutes later the two of them are sitting in the corner of a hole in the wall bar. Lyla is on her third shot of whiskey and Nina is happily sipping some kind of virgin iced fruit drink. “Now, why were you calling my husband your Daddy?”

Invoke: Help out Lyla. Using family relations to good effect.
Compel: Not-my-real-daughter and stepmommy issues. Act like a rebellious teenager.

2nd Guest Star / 3rd Adventure (???)

Nina Sixseven

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